Swift Performance AI is the most innovative WordPress Speed Up Plugin
LCP: 1.2 s
TTI: 40 ms
CLS: 0
LCP: 0.3 s
TTI: 0 ms
CLS: 0
Performance 100%
Structure 100%
How can Swift Performance help?
  • Largest Contentful Paint

    With intelligent preload technique Swift Performance AI will preload important images and fonts, and delay less important resources to improve LCP
  • First Input Delay

    Swift Performance AI will optimize javascript parsing and execution even for logged in users and non-cacheable pages, to decrease First Input Delay
  • Cumulative Layout Shift

    Unlike other cache plugins Swift Performance AI will optimize javascript, CSS and fonts for real users, not only for testing tools. With these modern techniques CLS can be drastically reduced.
  • First Contentful Paint

    With our unique, powerful critical CSS and intelligent preloading FCP can be reduced even of mobile devices with poor connection.
  • Interaction to Next Paint

    We are using complex and innovative techniques to optimize the your site - even if the page has been loaded to improve user experience and INP scores.
  • Time to First Byte

    Preloading, caching and advanced support for third party tools ensures that users get always cached or preloaded page when navigates on your site, to keep TTFB as low as possible.

Welcome to the future In the age of AI

Take advantage of innovation and rely on AI to optimize your site's speed

Speed optimization

is one of the TOP cornerstones of SEO

Swift Performance AI use innovative techniques to achive REAL speed improvment.

Focusing on real user experience (field data), keep good content/code ratio and optimizing images in an SEO friendly way.

Is Swift Performance AI the best performance plugin?


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$ 49 99 /year
  • 1 site
  • AI optimization
  • Support Center
  • Regular updates
  • FREE image optimization
$ 99 99 /year
  • 5 sites
  • AI optimization
  • Support Center
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  • FREE image optimization
$ 249 99 /year
  • 100 sites
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Lifetime plan
$ 999 99 one time payment
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The new AI version is awesome!
Isai Kemmis
I just tried the new AI version, and I must to say it is a wonder!

It configurates itself automatically, my site went from C to A after I installed it.

Absolutely recommended!
The Ferrari among the performance plugins
web-bastler.at Manuel Marchal
With the release of Swift Performance AI, with just a few clicks, top page speed values are achieved that were not even achieved with the older Pro version, let alone those of other competitors.
Crazy speed!
Đào Minh Hải
Crazy speed, 0 loading time!

This is indeed the best caching and speed plugin for wordpress sites! Try it and see if I am right!
Worth every cent!
Before Swift Performance Pro, I was alternating between WP Rocket, WPTC and Cache Enabler. But after reading reviews on Swift Performance Pro, I bought a license and have been delighted every since.

10/10 – Will buy again
Brings smile on your face
I was using a lot of free caching plugins for our sites and tried some of the very well known Premium ones.

However, neither of these come close to Swift’s Pro plugin’s all-in-one uniqueness, innovations and overall speeding up sites in so short period of time after you install it on the site.
I’ve tried a dozen performance plugins, many of them actually making page loads worse. This simple plugin is fantastic. Brought a C rated site to an A. Thank you!
The ultimate solution
Just set this up (pretty much out of the box) and enjoy a fast site, 96/100 mobile and 100/100 desktop for the new page speed, that´s a hard trick to pull. Thank you guys!
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Speed Optimization AI has never been so easy