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Swift Performance

100/100 performance with your WordPress site? YES! Swift Performance, an innovative WP performance plugin, helps you increase your performance scores, decrease load time and get a blazingly fast WP site with just a few clicks.

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Swift Security – Bundle

Swift Security is an incredible WordPress security plugin, which turns your WordPress site into a secure, “bulletproof” website. The bundle version has firewall, hide wordpress, and code scanner functionality.

Swift Security – Firewall

The Firewall plugin blocks the attempts, and it can send automatic e-mail notifications about this. You can also review the security logs, and block IP addresses. You can set up a login IP-filter, so even if a malicious user steals your passwords, he won’t able to log in.

Swift Security – Hide WordPress

Nobody can figure it out that you are using WordPress. The Hide WordPress plugin can hide your original file structure, meta tags, WordPress specific classes and ids, login and admin URL, and so on…

Swift Analytics

Swift Analytics will protect your site against referer spam, and help to keep your analytics clean. The plugin uses multiple techniques to prevent referer spam, including on site solutions, online blacklist and user defined blacklist as well.

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